Log3: Sink or Swim

Im at a point where I gotta keep going. I know what to do but at the moment there is some small doubts in me, its just the fear though. I should be good.

Time will tell.

2 days ago
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Log 2: So far so good

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts stuck in my head. When finally cleared I was paid a visit.

I was given a even greater piece of mind under the bloodmoon or lunar eclipse with her. Man, that shit help me out. Stranged how big the moon was that reminded me of her. And the sun and moon just happen to do that bloodmoon shit right there and then, Crazy.

I don’t know may be I’m over thinking it. But it was that “feels” shit of moment, you know. Made it special.

Today I succeeded to complete one of the first major step that I had to take care of. HELL MOTHA FUCKN YEAH!!!

Its not over yet.

Time will tell.

3 days ago
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Log 1: Drifing into Maddness or Sanity.

Yes hello, my name is Alvaro Estrada. I use this blog to find creativity. But a sudden turn of a events have changed this currently.

I use to believe of having everything in this world that made me happy could be achieve by sacrificing nothing. Like of such a path existed. But only now I see the truth. The world doesn’t work this way. I have to give a piece of myself to achieve this goal. “BOUND BY NOTHING, FREE TO ALL”. Type of idea. Is the dream. It will happen one day.

But for now. I am starting this sort of “Log” to keep tabs of my sanity… or turn of maddness to see how I’m doing. I have sacrificed prized items and symbols to achieve this dream. It might bite me in the ass later. “MIGHT” But I’ve never felt so sure in my life. I believe it will be for the better.

Thank you if you are reading this, to tell the truth this post and any others in the near future are meant for me.

Time will tell.

4 days ago
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